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Foil Cooking Bags


Heavy duty foil bags for use in the oven and BBQ.

Each bag 210 mm x 300 mm holds two generous portions of fish/chicken

The innovative sealing method provides a strong pressure-cooking environment for food to cook faster without leaking

The QBag seals very easily by folding the open end twice and pressing down firmly. This creates a water-tight seal – no more trying to make a tight seal out of flimsy aluminium tin foil

The clear window placed on top of the bag (instead of all the way around the edge) means that the bag does not come apart in the high heat

This window also self-vents steam during cooking so there is no need to pierce the film

Simply remove the window altogether to allow food to brown and crisp up

Cook a variety of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit.  Cook vegetarian dishes alongside meat and fish

Easily prepares small items like prawns and keeps them succulent

Recipes for Salmon and Fruit Salad on the pack and plenty more recipes on their website www.qbag.com

A truly versatile method of cooking that is healthy and doesn’t produce odour or mess in the kitchen

They can also be filled and frozen, ideal for the BBQ on that next sunny day!

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Foil cooking bags