Start a baking business

There are over 100 Bread Angels around the country and abroad and the numbers are rising all the time. There are several of us who also coach people who want to join us. Many of my students already have good careers but crave a creative aspect to their lives. All Bread Angels start off baking in their own homes. Baking part-time maybe just one or two days a week, or in the evenings, and selling to neighbours, work colleagues and friends. Several Angels have gone professional and run bakeries and shops.

The Bread Angels Course runs for twelve hours. As well as baking lots of bread I will focus on how to turn your domestic kitchen into a mini bakery using just the equipment that you have already. So no expensive initial outlay. I will run through everything you need to know about getting registered with your local council, getting insured as well as marketing.

Some of my courses run over two consecutive weeks and others over a week-end. If none of the published dates are convenient for you please let me know. I am more than happy to run a bespoke course for you at no extra cost. Once we agree a date I publish this so that others can join us if they wish.

Bread Angels is not a franchisor! You only pay for the course and you are then able to use our branding if you wish. So how do we control the quality of your product? Easy really, if your bread isn’t any good nobody will buy it!

If you want to learn to start a baking business from home, sign up for my Bread Angel course now.

The Bread Angels course covers:

  • How to bake bread
  • How to set up a business
  • Latest marketing tips for your business.