Boris Johnson and Seb Coe were at the Sutton Community Farm on Thursday. They were there to promote the Big Dig Volunteering weekend on Saturday 17th March. The farm is London’s only community farm and one of the biggest food spaces in the capital.

The farm is a successful social enterprise selling its produce to local people and giving local volunteers – 400 so far – the opportunity to gain growing skills. Boris particularly stressed the importance of getting young people interested in growing.

As a member of the Real Bread Campaign I bake bread each week to be included in the farm’s Vegetable Bags. Knowing that there were two important guests coming along I made an extra couple of loaves which I was able to give personally to Seb and Boris.

The Sticky Mitts & Wallington High School for Girls Community Kitchen runs every Saturday morning. So, on the 17th March, we shall be making picnic food and taking this along to the farm for lunch. We can then help with the Big Dig in the afternoon.

If you would like to buy fresh local vegetables and handmade, slowly fermented, additive-free bread visit


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